Waste Management | Mixed and Radioactive Waste Brokerage, USA
Waste Management
Waste Management
Our Waste Management Services include
Waste Processing
Waste Characterization
Manifesting, Documentation and Quality Assurance
Marking, Labeling, Packaging and Container Inspection
Waste Pick-up and Transportation
Source Processing and Macro-Encapsulation

We offer routine scheduled pick-ups throughout the United States ensuring you don’t exceed regulatory limits.

The key element in our partnership with our customers is instilling a strong waste management program that is capable of addressing up-front cost-savings by developing an effective waste management plan. This plan will evaluate the waste being produced; material types, amounts, potential radiological constituents as well as potentially hazardous waste constituents. This allows our team to structure a plan that provides the best approach for waste minimization, packaging and transportation efficiencies, recycling opportunities and alternate waste disposition pathways.
We can assist in the efficient and effective disposal of the following waste streams

Dry Active Waste (DAW)
Soils and Asbestos
Animal Carcasses and Biological Materials
Smoke Detectors
Exit Signs
Sealed and Check Sources
Nuclear Gauges
Thorium and Uranium Compounds
Aqueous Solutions
Liquid Scintillation Vials and Media
Organic Liquids and Mixed Wastes
High Curie Content Materials
Classification of Unknowns
Storage for Decay