Technologically Enhanced Naturally occurring Radioactive Materials
With states adopting radiation protection standards for NORM/TENORM licensing and releasing of facilities/sites for unrestricted use, we supply the following comprehensive solutions to minimize your risks.
  • Disposal / Reuse
  • Hydrocarbon and Liquid Waste Solidification
  • Handling and Transportation
  • Site Reclamation / D&D / License Termination for unrestricted use
  • Radiological Employee Awareness Training
We have the ability, through mobile licenses, to obtain reciprocity in order to perform mobile on-site decontamination. By doing so we can manage the accumulation of NORM/TENORM scales and sludges in piping and tank systems affecting oil and gas production, this allows us to present you with the most cost-effective solution for your NORM/TENORM waste needs In addition, we offer a full array of Health Physics and Radiation Protection services including licensing, training, program development, audits and assessments. We are your one-stop shop for all NORM/TENORM services for the Oil and Gas E&P Industry.
Radiological & D&D Services
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Waste Management & Brokerage Services
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VP Waste Management
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