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Radiological Project Manager

Position Requirements  -  Decommissioning-related health physics activities including planning, conducting, evaluating, and documenting final status radiological surveys for demonstrating compliance with dose or risk-based regulations or standards; oversight of radiological field projects.


Position Location – Home Office either: Oak Ridge, TN/ San Diego, CA: 

Experience Level: High Level (Minimum of 10 years in various capacities performing radiological site characterization, remediation, D&D and license terminations under MARSSIM and other regulatory requirements, radioactive material packaging, and shipping support.)

Successful candidate may be required support field projects related radioactive material packaging requirements to maintain compliance with waste acceptance and landfill disposal requirements.


Education and/or Experience:
- Must have a minimum of 10+ years of experience in radiological site characterization and remediation under MARSSIM and other applicable regulatory guidelines and 5 y
ears of Project Management experience with managing large-scale and complex field sites involving radiological, hazardous and mixed wastes.

- Must be knowledgeable about packaging, shipping and transportation requirements for radioactive and mixed waste materials.

- Must be knowledgeable of NRC, agreement state and other related environmental regulations.

- Must have excellent writing and communication skills.


Bachelor degree in Health Physics related field or other closely related environmental field is preferred.

40-hour HAZWOPER training is a plus; PMP certification is a plus; Work experience in California under CDPH-RHB  a plus; work experience at Navy facilities a plus.



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