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homeWe tailor our services to provide solutions that help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. You can count on it.

Philotechnics, Ltd., is a full-scope radiological services company headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. At the very core of our philosophy is our commitment to being the most responsive, broad-spectrum radiological services provider in the nation – dedicated to advising you on the most appropriate method to accomplish your objectives.

Our services are provided through three primary stand-alone product lines:

Mixed and Radioactive Waste Brokerage Services - to provide RCRA, TSCA, Asbestos, Radioactive Waste Disposal Services.

Decontamination & Decommissioning – to support license termination or modification.

Health Physics Services - to support your needs in areas such as Decommissioning Funding Estimates and Updates, Radioactive Material License and Amendments, Emergency Response and Facility Recovery Operations, or many other Health Physics support needs.

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You can download our Statement of Qualifications here: Statement of Qualifications